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About NMCC


Northside Malayalee Community Club Inc. is a well-managed, not-for-profit organisation of Keralites residing in Hume, Whittlesea and Moreland City Councils of Victoria, Australia.

NMCC works towards achieving all-round development of families and children of the Malayalee communitiy and inculcating in them the spirit of sharing, supporting, gathering and celebrating, without losing their values and culture.

NMCC’s vision is to have a strong outstanding community which preserves the culture and values. NMCC strives to provide a platform for the development of the younger generation by organising Social, Cultural, Educational and Sports activities throughout the year.

NMCC aims to achieve its vision by organising the traditional festivals together, participating gatherings with other communities and training the younger generation in arts and performance. We are and remain a multifaith organisation and our programs and activities cater to all our members.


NMCC was registered on 31st December 2008, under Victorian consumers affairs by a group of friends (Joby Mathew, Roy Joseph, Melvin Domnic, Shiji Thomas & Binu Varughese) from Craigieburn. This foundation group, visited all Malayalee families in Craigieburn, Roxburgh Park & Glenroy to discuss on the need of a community based club to follow our cultural traditions and celebrate our Indian festivals. There was an enormous support from all families and we gathered together for a first general meeting in Binu Varughese’s residence on 10th Jan 2009. In the general meeting, first foundation committee members were elected, and we established the Northside Malayalee Community Club INC.


NMCC emphasises the goal of preserving and promoting the moral, social, cultural, educational, literary and artistic heritage of Malayalee Community in Melbourne. This vision is achieved by providing a platform for our members and their children to interact with one another to keep alive our ties with Kerala, our homeland and pass on our rich heritage and values to our younger generation.

NMCC believes that culture has the power to transform societies and strengthen local communities by forging a sense of identity and belonging for people of all ages. NMCC is proud to encourage our youth to act as a bridge between the cultures.


NMCC organise events to provide an opportunity to our children to perform their talents and learn arts and culture of India. NMCC conduct trainings in Indian Dance, Indian languages, community Integration, Sports and cultural activities. To promote multiculturalism of Australia we organise recreational activities for our members with other communities.

NMCC utilises its programs and support systems to provide an optimum developmental environment where all members of the community may develop to the highest level of their potential, thereby ensuring Malayali’s standing as an intellectual and culturally vibrant community.

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